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Credit Card Processing

ProvenBenefit® includes the software interface to credit card processing with our Event and Auction Suites. We NEVER MARK UP your Gateway and Merchant account fees. you work directly with the gateway and there are no hidden add-ons.

In almost all cases you may keep your current merchant account and process via the Trust Commerce Gateway with no net change in fees. In some cases, fees may actually decrease compared to your current experience.

Typical Fees:
(Although the rates cited below are “typical”, they will vary by individual case and are for illustration only)

If you examine your credit card processing billings closely, you will find 2 separate categories: gateway or portal fees (credit card machines, virtual terminals, etc. that interface you to the actual processor), and merchant account fees which constitute your major expense. (Some software companies and services will also add fees over and above these, but this is not the case for ProvenBenefit Event and Auction Software clients.)

Gateway fees are only a modest portion of your overall credit card processing fees. Our gateway partner, TrustCommerce, offers very favorable pricing to 401C3 Nonprofit corporations that may actually reduce this portion of your bill. Typical pricing may be a $50 setup fee plus 25₡ / transaction vs a $12 /month minimum.

They also offer special “Event Only” pricing. If that's your interest, please contact us.

Merchant Accounts: If you don't already have a merchant account or would like to receive a competitive quote to compare to your current costs, TrustCommerce will also be happy to provide a no obligation quote. Typical Nonprofit discount rates are 1.6℅ to 1.8% for card present transactions. Due to the highly favorable nature of these rates, it may make business sense to pursue a quote

To receive a quote on a Gateway and/or Merchant Account for your organization,
Fill out and submit the form linked here.
This form is also used to verify if your current merchant account can be used with the TrustCommerce Gateway.

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